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Organising Committee

Honorary President

Prof. Mosa Laousi
President of The University of Jordan -Aqaba

President of the Conference

Dr. Lutfi Momani
Secretary general of EWDR

Organising Committee President
Prof. Hamid AlBdour
Vice President of The University of Jordan – Aqba

Organising Committee Vice President
Dr. Ivonne AboTayeh
Dean of Faculty of Information Technology

President of Scientific Council of Conference
Professor Amal Bint Yahya AlSheikh
King Abdelaziz University

Prof. Hasan AlMhdad
University of Ibn Zhr, Agadir, Morocco

Prof. Sabri Faris Hati
President of Arab Geographers Union

Dr. Abd Alsalam AlAmrouni
Benghazi University and EWDR representative in Libya

Dr. Mohnned Hararah
The University of Jordan

Dr. Amer Roichidi
President of Arab Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Organisation

Dr. Kamie Kitmitto
The University of Manchester
Scientific Consultant to EWDR