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Geomatics / Scientific Themes


Main themes of the 2017 conference


Role of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems in Sustainable Development

These are the  main themes of Geomatics 2017. If you have a question about suitability of paper, please contact Dr Lutfi

  • Image processing, System Integration and Modelling applications using the following techniques

Hyper spectral

  • Sustainable Development of Coastal Areas

Strategy and Planning
Harbour Managment, storage shipping and impact on Urban fabric
Infrastructure developments
Civic Society and Citizen Science

  • Urban Planning and Sustainable Development

Industrial and Free cities
Building development and urbanisation effect of the Environment
Information systems for developments
Preservation of Historical buildings and archaeological heritage.

  • Water Resources and Sustainable Development
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Risk Management in the Context of Sustainable Development
  • Geological risk

Earth Quakes
Forest fires
Early  warning systems